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Oil of Oregano 1oz x 12Pak
MyBigDiscount Oil of Oregano

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Ten years ago mostly out of curiosity I began my search for Biblical hyssop mentioned in the Bible. I had long wondered what potential health benefits this plant might have. Branches of this plant were used by ancient Israelites for dipping in lamb's blood and sprinkling upon the door posts of their houses, as a sign to the death angel to "pass over" and not kill their firstborn children. Later King David prayed "purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean." I wondered then about the health significance of this plant and it's pungent oil which has been tested in modern times for it's potent medicinal properties. I found a source for this Wild Turkish Oil of Oregano and began taking it myself. I was surprised that in a few weeks my usually acidic saliva now tested alkaline. I knew cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and cannot grow where tissue has an alkaline pH. People came to me with herpes virus and frequent outbreaks. They had been advised by their doctors that there is no cure. But after a heavy dose of Wild Turkish Oil of Oregano (20 drops 3 times daily) for a few months, these people never again had a single herpes outbreak, even 7 years later. Medicine calls that a cure. I used it for athletes foot and the fungus disappeared. Fungal toenails also cleared up. Ear and throat infections were cleared up by taking it internally. I learned that a solution of just a few parts per million of this oil kills bacteria, virus, fungus and candida on contact, in just minutes. I wondered, what would this herbal oil would do against cancer cells? I looked for medical trials, but alas, I found none, perhaps because it cannot be patented and no company can make $billions off selling it.

Oil of Oregano

I do not make medical claims that this wonderful natural herbal oil can cure any disease. But if all symptoms go away, then you can be the judge about that. Simply put, Oil of Oregano brings you many health benefits with NO negative side effects.

Then I learned that a lady from the Carolina's was under extreme stress due to personal issues. She was a regular customer of my Wild Turkish Oil of Oregano but had ran out. She went to her doctor, and found her blood pressure to be 195 over 135, not good. Her doctor recommended medication. The customer said, no, let me come back in 30 days, and test me again, which she did. Her blood pressure was down by 20 points, but still too high. Her doctor again recommended drugs. The customer again said, no let me come back again in 30 days for a check up, which she did. Her blood pressure had dropped another 20 points, but still a little too high, and again the doctor recommended pharmaceuticals. The customer one last time said, no, let me come back in 30 more days. . . a total of 90 days since she was first checked. She went home, came back in 30 days and her blood pressure was a near perfect 125 over 65. The doctor exclaimed: "What are you doing?" She said I'm taking Oil of Oregano every day. The doctor told her, "Well whatever it is you are doing keep it up. Your blood pressure is right on."

My discovery into the healing benefits of this special Oil of Oregano began some 40 years ago, on the slopes of a Colorado ski resort, during my first attempt to learn how to snow ski. I suffered a nasty spill, ramming my right boot directly into a tree. . . ouch! Ultimately I lost my right large toe nail from the bruising impact, and when the nail grew back that ugly white fungus also grew underneath that toenail. For decades I suffered with ugly "toenail fungus." I tried everything, including the common Vulgare variety of Oil of Oregano from health food stores. Nothing helped. Then about 6 years ago, I did some research trying to find the ancient remedy used historically against such ailments. My research paid off. I searched all the way to Turkey and found the true, historical Oil of Oregano (Origanum Syriacum, also known as Biblical Hyssop), which is not grown in the United States.

Once I had this ancient Origanum Syriacum Oil of Oregano in my hands, I tried it on my toenail. I applied 2 drops daily for one week, secured with a bandage. And I took about 20 drops internally 3 times daily. At the end of the week my toenail fungus was gone! Of course, there was a little swelling and redness as this potent medicinal oil worked its way through the toenail and into the root zone where the fungus grew. I walked with a little limp from the soreness for about 3 days. Afterwards there emerged a new toenail with no white fungus growth whatsoever. In addition, I put drops between my toes and it killed my athletes foot 100%, which I had also suffered with since childhood. Of course, my toenail grew back slightly smaller than the opposite toenail, and occasionally I give it a booster treatment of this herbal remedy, to prevent it coming back.

Along the way, I learned that toe nail fungus is one and the same as common candida, only the toe nail fungus represents the mature form of candida growth. Whereas candida as single cells often grow in the gut, even in the blood, of human beings, Candida also settles in weak areas of the body and grows into a fungal outbreak, such as under the toenails, fingernails, and elsewhere. Did you ever wonder why you are so tired in the afternoon? Do you have cravings for sweets? It could be that Candida is sapping the energy and strength you should normally be getting from your food. Could it also be that you body is overburdened with poisonous compounds excreted by nasty acidic Candida? I think so. That's why I take Oil of Oregano daily, and not the common variety available in most health food stores. I make sure to take the ancient historic form from the Origanum Syriacum plant that grows wild in the Middle East, especially Turkey.

And you can be assured that my Oil of Oregano is Wildcrafted, meaning that it has no agricultural chemicals or other chemicals during processing. The plants are gathered together into a large screen bin and simple steam is applied, thus heating the leaves and stems. Slowly but surely this plant material yields up it's precious oil, which drips below into a collection vat. It is then filtered and stored in barrels, and ultimately enters our facilities where it is bottled and shipped to you.

Since that time 6 years ago when I discovered how effective this Oil of Oregano was for my toenail fungus, I have discovered many other uses. I have written before what this marvellous herbal remedy did for my Russian fiance four years ago. She had eaten a bad egg and acquired salmonella bacteria poisoning. She became very weak and sick, and ultimately spent four days in a Russian hospital. There she was pumped full of antibiotics, which relieved but did not cure the problem. Some salmonella remained in her system and multiplied. Also, Candida multiplied explosively as a side effect of the antibiotics. I arrived to her home just days after she had returned from the hospital. She was very weak, and her hands looked like the worst case of athlete's foot I had ever seen, all inflamed and cracked, even bleeding. I immediately began rubbing drops of Oil of Oregano mixed with Natural Vitamin E onto her hands. I gave her a veggie cap filled with Oil of Oregano (20 drops) before every meal. Within a week, she was able to go out to dinner, eat a full meal, even have a glass of red wine and dance with no stomach cramps whatsoever. She became a believer in Oil of Oregano for bacterial and viral infections, and has sent this remedy far and wide to her family and friends, recommending it above all the hospital remedies.

Origanum syriacum

Think of this Oil of Oregano as a BLOW TORCH to an ant hill, when it comes to killing candida, bacteria, viruses and fungus. One study showed that a 1% solution of Oil of Oregano reduced the human flu virus 99.9% in 20 minutes. . . from 10,000,000 to 5,000 infectious units per ml. A user states: "[Oil of Oregano is] the best respiratory infection formula I have ever worked with." Even though the medical profession claims herpes will remain dormant in nerve tissue for a lifetime, I know a man who purged genital herpes completely from his system, with no outbreaks for over 5 years! My Wildcrafted Oil of Oregano from Turkey boosts immunity while it burns out viruses, bacteria, candida and fungus on contact. Once this fiery Oil of Oregano comes in contact with infections, it's like taking a blow torch and burning them out of your system. No more infection. And unlike with using antibiotics, there are no known negative side effects from use of this Oil of Oregano.

With flu virus season already upon us, do you think it is a good time to stock up on the most potent herbal remedy against such viruses? I think so. What better time than now?

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We all need protection from candida, bacteria, virus, and fungus. Get it now, while you can, before you need it. And rest assured you will have the most powerful herbal remedy against these organisms known to man.

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